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“Prayer and practical are to be wed.”

This was a line written in a book on prayer that Chris read in December 2016. As he read, God told him to play close attention to that particular line. It took a few reads over for Chris to get it. This is how God showed Chris that He wanted our two opposite personalities to come together in marriage. Our differences are many, but we are learning that God sees those differences as complimentary.

We volunteer together at Youth With a Mission in Perth, Australia. Currently, Leanne is using her desire to see good stories on display by serving with the Media team. Chris is part of a ministry called Appropriate Technology, using his background in engineering to innovate simple but life-changing solutions for people in the developing world.

Together, we are using this year to prepare for Chris to lead a Discipleship Training School in January of 2018. This will involve our joint passion for mentoring young people. As part of the school, we will also head out on a short-term trip within Australia and then to another nation to share the love of Jesus.

We don’t know where God will lead us next, but we are so grateful to have you on this journey with us!

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How Open Homes Cultivate Open Hearts

| Leanne | 2 Comments

Read more by Leanne! One of my favourite ways to enter into someone else’s world is to enter into their home. I love looking around a house and seeing all of the little details that make up a bigger picture of who an individual is. When I’m invited in, I…

Going to Teach, but Learning Instead

| Chris | One Comment

Read more by Chris! It’s really important as a missionary to be willing to learn, to remember as we approach things that we don’t have all the answers. This June, Leanne and I went on a short-term outreach to Manila in the Philippines with a small team of four people….

Practical Worship: God’s Hand in the Hands-On

| Leanne | 4 Comments

Read more by Leanne! The day before we left for the Philippines, I was walking back to the office after taking some photographs outside. I noticed a few students taking their afternoon break in the park. They had a guitar with them and were singing worship songs in the sunshine….

6 Real-Life Moments from Our Wedding & Honeymoon

| Leanne | 2 Comments

Read more by Leanne! Everything that you see on social media is hand-selected to make life look perfect. I know that you already know that, but I think it’s important to have a little reminder of that every once in a while. My life for the past year or so…

At Many Times and in Many Ways

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets.” I feel a little bit like this blog is just a long, continuing list of my favourite things about God. One thing I’ve been treasuring about God lately is…

Jumping In

| Leanne | 6 Comments

Read more by Leanne! Listen while you look: A few weekends ago, some of my closest girl friends took me on a weekend trip to celebrate my upcoming marriage. We explored the Pinnacle Rocks up in Northern Western Australia, watched the sun set over City Beach, and spent a rainy…

Constructing Community Around Water Filters

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! In Serem, Indonesia in November 2016, I witnessed a community coming together to build a water filter. My outreach team taught the people of Serem the building process, but the best part was seeing them take it on as their own project. I asked the people…

6 Ways to Invite God into Your Work Day

| Leanne | 4 Comments

Read more by Leanne! One of my favourite things about God is that He wants to do life with us. I am learning this idea in a brand new way this year! Since the beginning of 2017, I have been working with the Media team at Youth With a Mission…

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As people who love Jesus, we are called to share with our brothers and sisters in all things – in hardships, in joys, in the lifting of burdens to God in prayer, and in the physical blessings God provides us with. The beautiful thing about being full-time volunteers is that we can invite others to be part of what God is doing through us! God has given us a vision to build up a team of supporters that will come alongside us in prayer, finances, decision making, and more. You may be called to a “normal” job, but have a big heart for what God is doing in the nations. You can absolutely still be part of it!

Use the donation form to choose your gift, either single or monthly. We’ve provided a few examples of what gifts of various ranges would mean to us. God has given us a monthly budget that we are faithfully following. If you’d like to match your gift to a specific budget item, please contact Leanne (leanneariley@gmail.com) for a detailed list.

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We are a newlywed couple serving in Christian missions.

God has called us to Youth With a Mission in Perth, Australia. We have a heart for the city of Perth and for reaching Aboriginal people here in Western Australia. We would also love to see transformation and mobilisation through partnering with local initiatives in other nations in short-term outreach trips. Together, we have a passion for mentorship and discipleship of young people. Chris is gifted in meeting practical needs, and Leanne has a big desire for the sphere of Media & Communications.

This is our blog, a place to share what God is doing as well as things we learn as we journey through the adventure of following Jesus!