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“Prayer and practical are to be wed.”

This was a line written in a book on prayer that Chris read in December 2016. As he read, God told him to play close attention to that particular line. It took a few reads over for Chris to get it. This is how God showed Chris that He wanted us, with different strengths, to come together in marriage. We are a team dedicated to loving God and bringing His love to others in whatever way He would lead us to!

Currently, we volunteer together at Youth With a Mission in Perth, Australia. We are ministering where we are located: the city of Perth, as well as the nation of Australia, including the indigenous population of Australia. Together, we are involved in leading training programs at YWAM, equipping the next generation to follow where God is leading them, too! These programs join our love for mentoring young people with the ability to partner with local initiatives on short-term outreach trips. Leanne wants to see an impact in the realm of media and communications, and Chris loves serving hands-on by meeting practical needs.

We may not know where God will lead us next, but we are so grateful to have you on this journey with us!

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Making Perth Home

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! In my corner of the world, “home” is a word that can be loaded with interesting connotations. Over the past few months, we’ve travelled from one “home” to the next. Before our journey across the ocean, we were looking forward to going “home” to visit friends…

God’s Pursuit of His People in the Kimberley

| Chris | 3 Comments

Read more by Chris! The Kimberley – what a place full of incredible people. People who are resilient, kind, and committed. I have had the opportunity to go to these people and their land four times now. Each time I’ve left with a sense of, “man, God, you are good,…

A Snapshot of God’s Power in Nepal

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! I can’t summarise our time in Nepal in just a word or two, or even a photo or two! We experienced so much beautiful variety – from the mountains to the plains, from remote villages to large schools and churches, from Bible studies to teaching about…

How Experiencing God on DTS Makes an Impact

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! In our most recent blog post, we talked about some ways we experienced God on the 4WD Discipleship Training School (DTS) that we were part of earlier this year. From singing worship songs in the rain together to watching God provide for our outreach fees, we…

10 Ways We Experienced God with the 4WD DTS

| Leanne | 2 Comments

Read more by Leanne! Youth With a Mission is often asked “how we do it” in regards to the DTS (Discipleship Training School) course that we run. What makes it so special? How can this program take ordinary young people and set them on fire to love God and tell…

You Are the Miracle

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! Have you ever been told that you are an answer to prayer? There’s something so beautiful about seeing prayer in action like that, knowing that God heard the prayers of another and your step of obedience was His answer. I’ve experienced this a few times in…

Learning to Love the Process

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! “The process is supposed to be fun.” It’s one of those things that makes so much sense that you don’t know how it took you this long to realise it. God spoke this to me during a time of intense learning about how much He wanted…

Following the Call: the Cost & the Commitment

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! “Calling” is a word that we throw around often within circles of Jesus followers. I think every person probably has a different idea or understanding of what this word means, both on a broad scale as well as what it means in their own, personal life….

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Life is meant to be shared.

We love to share what God is doing in our lives, and we’re so grateful for the community that shares their lives with us, too! There are so many ways that we can work together for good in the world!

One way is through financial gifts. As full-time volunteers, we rely on people who would like to partner with us for our physical needs. Follow the button to give a financial gift.

Another way to come alongside us is through prayer. What we do would not be possible without prayer! Click on the prayer button to join our prayer team.

You can also be part of what God is doing by becoming an advocate. Follow the advocacy link to learn how to share the good things God is doing in the world with your friends and family.

Finally, we would love to add you to the team of people ministering through practical skills. From helping with mail outs to giving tax advice, you can use the skills God has given you!

Please email Leanne (leanneariley@gmail.com) with any questions related to partnering with us.

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we are the rileys

We are a newlywed couple serving in Christian missions.

God has called us to Youth With a Mission in Perth, Australia. We have a heart for the city of Perth and for reaching Aboriginal people here in Western Australia. We would also love to see transformation and mobilisation through partnering with local initiatives in other nations in short-term outreach trips. Together, we have a passion for mentorship and discipleship of young people. Chris is gifted in meeting practical needs, and Leanne has a big desire for the sphere of Media & Communications.

This is our blog, a place to share what God is doing as well as things we learn as we journey through the adventure of following Jesus!