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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to write this blog post and been totally creatively stuck. How do I sum up the first two weeks of my Discipleship Training School? Which incredible, miraculous story do I share? Which realisation out of the countless awe-inspiring moments do I write about? Which tiny detail of this lovely life is worth photographing and expanding on and getting its own clickable link on my homepage? I prayed, I invited God into my creative process, I drew mind maps, I took pictures of everything around me, but nothing jumped out. Finally, as I was falling asleep last night (Saturday, 16 July around 10:00 PM AWST), the idea dawned on me: write a list. Share it all. Share the details and the little things and share them all together because there’s so much beauty in realising the countless ways that God is working in your life. So now I sit at The Attic coffee shop in Fremantle, Western Australia – one of my favourite places in the world so far – and write to you a nonsensical, scatterbrained list of things that I have loved about the last two weeks of my life.

1. Morning tea.

2. Watching the sunrise. Every day.
3. Grace to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. EVERY DAY.
4. Learning more about medicine as a practical way to love people.

5. Lectures on my favourite subject of all time (God).

6. Book reports on books that I actually want to read.
7. Learning with people from all over the world.
8. Seeing the ways God led all of us here individually.
9. Australians.
10. Australian accents.
11. Spanish accents.
12. Being able to practice my Spanish.
13. Helping others practice their English.
14. Public transportation. Really good public transportation.
15. Mark 16:15.
16. Matthew 28:19.

17. When colouring counts as homework.

18. When creativity is an integral part of assignments.
19. Hearing from God in dreams.
20. Hearing from God in scripture.
21. Hearing from God through other people.
22. Hearing from God in nature.
23. Sunshine, even though it’s winter.
24. Wearing scarves (it’s still cold).
25. Rain here and there, to remind me of home.

26. God’s faithfulness.

27. God’s humility.
28. Remembering the impacting truth that Jesus was BORN. Like, passed through the birth canal born.
29. Psalm 103:14.
30. Psalm 91.

31. Interdependence.

32. Treasure map style direction for the future.
33. Dreaming with God about the future.
34. Living by the loveliest park in all of Perth.
35. Living with the 10 loveliest ladies in all of Perth.
36. Living within walking distance of the loveliest cafes in all of Perth.
37. Using my social media and photography skills to manage our class’ Facebook page.
38. Oatmeal – I mean, porridge – for breakfast – er, brekky.

39. Seriously so much tea.

40. Inspiration on the daily from all different sources.
41. John 11.
42. Romans 8:12-14.
43. Hebrew & Greek word studies.
44. Asking the BIG questions.
45. Expanding the boundaries of who we perceive God to be.
46. Responding to the expansion of those boundaries in worship.
47. Worship times twice – or more! – a week.
48. Worship & prayer in all different languages.
49. Knowing that I’m family with all 500+ people on base who speak in all different languages.

50. Free time to explore.

51. Free time to go on runs.
52. Being strengthened & healed to be able to run.
53. The most visually inspiring walks around the city.
54. Good conversations during visually inspiring walks around the city.
55. Experiencing the culture of the city.
56. Encountering more unique, buggy members of Creation.
57. Tim Tams.
58. My yellow quilt.
59. Letters & packages from back home, and all over the world.
60. Taking up the authority we’ve been given in Christ.
61. Watching the power of Jesus transform people.

62. Reality settling in that I’ll be heading somewhere new in just over two months!

63. Knowing that God will provide the finances to go in those next two months.

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