A Snapshot of God’s Power in Nepal

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I can’t summarise our time in Nepal in just a word or two, or even a photo or two! We experienced so much beautiful variety – from the mountains to the plains, from remote villages to large schools and churches, from Bible studies to teaching about health care. We saw God move both practically and spiritually. We met inspiring locals and world-travelling tourists. Enjoy a small glimpse into what God allowed us to be part of in Nepal!

Creating practically with God

“We built a bio sand water filter and it was a tedious process. We were leaving in a couple of days and were afraid that we wouldn’t have enough time to bucket wash all the sand needed. It was taking much longer than expected. Out of ideas, we decided to pray. That’s when I got the idea to purchase some fabric. We stretched the fabric out over a wooden frame and were able to separate the dirt from the sand MUCH quicker. A job that was expected to take nine hours took four. And we had sand left over! Our God is a practical one, and will not hesitate to give you ideas to overcome any obstacle.” – Jonny, Canada

Evidence of His presence in prayer

“While we were in a small village, we had a lot of opportunities to pray over the surrounding area. We had been informed that there were no known Christians in the nearby city. We hiked up a mountain and prayed over the area. We prayed for the presence of the Holy Spirit to come and rain afresh on that city, for people to truly have the opportunity to know and experience Jesus. As we were praying over the area, we watched a thick cloud cover come and sit over the whole area. We felt the presence of the Spirit really coming to dwell there. This was the same experience we had every time that we prayed in this district. As we prayed, we watched this cloud cover come over every single time. It was such a confirmation that our prayers were incredibly powerful in this region.” – Kerri, Australia

Love displayed through healing

“We met a Hindu man with blurred vision. He walked up to us and started talking – it was definitely God who brought him. We asked him if we could pray for his eyes. As we prayed his eyes were healed! He couldn’t believe it as he was testing out his new vision. He didn’t speak much English and we wanted to tell him more about Jesus. We prayed that someone would come who could translate for us. After we prayed, the pastor of the church we were staying at came on his motorbike and started translating. We were able to share the gospel with this man and see God’s healing power!” – Jenna, United States

Inspired by local followers of Jesus

“We were invited to participate in a house fellowship on the front porch of a believing family’s home. While we were there, two neighbours who were Hindu came and joined. They had come to a few fellowships over time, and this time they were both ready to accept Jesus as their only God! I was so inspired by this believing family, unafraid to host a church service where their neighbours could clearly see what was happening. They were such a light to their village and we got a firsthand look at the impact of that!” – Leanne

God is moving today in so many ways. I want to encourage you that the God of these stories is the same God that we have relationship with! He is able to speak, to heal, to move through prayer, and to reveal Himself to those who don’t know Him. And He is able to do this not only in Nepal, but in our own nations, hometowns, and hearts. If you’d like to know more about what we’ve seen God do in our own lives and in the lives of others – and what it means for you – please email me. I’d love to chat!

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  • mom Jeanne
    Posted at 13:30h, 28 July Reply

    amazing!!. I especially liked the prayer cloud testimony, what an amazing manifestation of God!.

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