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As I begin to staff the 4WD Adventure DTS for the second time I find myself thinking again, “what is adventure?” You look on Instagram and Facebook and people exploring these amazing places and taking beautiful pictures. Is that all there is to adventure though? I think that is a small part of it.

engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory

If adventure is all about going into the unknown, then there is so much more to it than going to a new place. To me it’s about all the unknowns and that feeling of “I don’t know what’s out there.” I plan; think through what could be, what I’ll need.

I’ve been thinking more on an idea that God showed me a few months back about adventure with him. Think of a map, maybe of your own home town, but then that the border of what you know about the world. The border of what we know about Him, what we have experienced with Him, the truth we know about Him. It’s comfortable, safe, secure, predictable. Jesus however says “I want to show you more, I want you to live, let’s go here.” Jesus’ “Go” can mean literally go to a people group, the person on a bench and share about Him and what He has done in your life. I’ve found though that His “Go” can mean mental, emotional, spiritual journey as well. He takes us beyond our borders of what we know and leads us to a new treasure, a new amazing area He wants to show us. Through His leading we avoid the dangers, He has been that way before and He knows where the bandits are, where the pits are, the trees that could fall and kill. He is with us.

With the new school starting, it is again a journey into the unknown. As I meet with students I hear where they are at with God, how much they have explored, how big their map is. I have the opportunity to be used by God in the discipleship process, how He wants to grow them. It’s new for me as I pray for them and get words to pray for them throughout the day. As I lead and trust Him that He has a plan and that I can know it. As I trust that He will provide. Provide the breakthrough in students, financial needs in both students and my life.

In it all, God is looking for people to go on an adventure with Him. To trust Him as He leads them into the unknown. He desires to show us new things, how to finally get breakthrough in our addictions, in our thoughts, in our attitude, emotions. I have found that there is no better guide when going into the unknown.

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