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I have been back from my trip to the states now for about a week and a half / two weeks. I had a great time back home relaxing and going on new adventures. I was able to hang out with Leanne for the first time since we started dating which was great. We did a trip to Portland, OR the day after I got home to meet her family, which went great. They welcomed me right in and it was a time of great conversation and getting to know one another. I’m thankful that I got that opportunity while I was back. I really wanted them to know who I am and ask any questions as the plan is Leanne moving here (Australia) in just a few months. I also got to have some chill nights, and some snowboarding with my good friends, also did a few info nights and was able to share with them what I had been doing over the past nine months.

Being back in the Appropriate Tech. Ministry life has been a bit of an adjustment as the last time I was on base it was as a DTS staff. The two schedules are very different. Back in the ministry side there is a lot more free personal time. I’m not used to this, I’m used to getting done with the days work and passing out. So now that I have this time I’m using it to spend more focused time with Jesus and on my health. Over the past few years I haven’t really been focusing on my health and I felt that God has told me it’s time to start paying attention to that part more. I’m excited to see what He is going to teach me through that. I also have recognized this time before the next DTS as a time for God to teach me more about Him, a focused time for that.

After coming back I got straight into the ministry, started looking at the new projects that had started while I was away and getting the vision of where we want to take them and what’s coming up next. While I was away the guys in the ministry started working on a new Biogas catchment system, built a wind turbine, and a new aquaponics system. This week I also started researching ways to harness electricity from the wind turbine. It was a week full of excitement and hope and ambition of what could be.

Over this past week we have been building parts for the new biogas system. It is a pressurized system so we need to make sure that all the seals can hold pressure. This is new for us, as all the other systems that we have built are not under pressure and we just have to make sure it doesn’t leak. It was a week of trial and error. We started with one way, got pressure into the tank, and found it leaked. We had a sit down and a think through which we came up with a new idea. This meant though that we had to make our own rubber seals and washers. We did that and it worked! That was such a cool moment. See we could have gone out and bought a tank fitting and within a few minuets solved the problem. However that may not be a possibility in the countries and areas we want to bring this technology. So we have to be able to build it from anything and be creative with coming up with solutions. That is what draws me to this ministry, the opportunity to creatively solve “problems”.

During the past week as I mentioned I started looking into ways of retrieving energy from our wind turbine. There are a few methods that we want to look into but we are first going to try rewinding an alternator and seeing if we can get it to produce a usable voltage at low RPM. More on this as we work on it.

The cool opportunity! When I got back my ministry leader asked me to pray about joining him on a trip to Kolkata (March 12-20). It is a week long trip where we would speak at a climate change conference, do follow up and testing on the arsenic filters that the DTS team and I built in November, along with a trip to the state of Orissa looking into the planning of a large biogas project later in the year. I did pray about it and felt that God said “Go this is what I brought you here for.” So I am planning on going. The trip will cost around $1,200 USD. If you would like to support any of this work I would greatly appreciate it. I’m really looking forward to testing the arsenic filters that we built. To see how the people have been using them, and look at the ones they built. When we left in November there was a lot of excitement about the filters and we heard of people working together to go into town and by supplies to build their own filter.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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