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Making Perth Home

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! In my corner of the world, “home” is a word that can be loaded with interesting connotations. Over the past few months, we’ve travelled from one “home” to the next. Before our journey across the ocean, we were looking forward to going “home” to visit friends…

God’s Pursuit of His People in the Kimberley

| Chris | 3 Comments

Read more by Chris! The Kimberley – what a place full of incredible people. People who are resilient, kind, and committed. I have had the opportunity to go to these people and their land four times now. Each time I’ve left with a sense of, “man, God, you are good,…

A Snapshot of God’s Power in Nepal

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! I can’t summarise our time in Nepal in just a word or two, or even a photo or two! We experienced so much beautiful variety – from the mountains to the plains, from remote villages to large schools and churches, from Bible studies to teaching about…

How Experiencing God on DTS Makes an Impact

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! In our most recent blog post, we talked about some ways we experienced God on the 4WD Discipleship Training School (DTS) that we were part of earlier this year. From singing worship songs in the rain together to watching God provide for our outreach fees, we…

10 Ways We Experienced God with the 4WD DTS

| Leanne | 2 Comments

Read more by Leanne! Youth With a Mission is often asked “how we do it” in regards to the DTS (Discipleship Training School) course that we run. What makes it so special? How can this program take ordinary young people and set them on fire to love God and tell…

You Are the Miracle

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! Have you ever been told that you are an answer to prayer? There’s something so beautiful about seeing prayer in action like that, knowing that God heard the prayers of another and your step of obedience was His answer. I’ve experienced this a few times in…

Learning to Love the Process

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! “The process is supposed to be fun.” It’s one of those things that makes so much sense that you don’t know how it took you this long to realise it. God spoke this to me during a time of intense learning about how much He wanted…

Following the Call: the Cost & the Commitment

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! “Calling” is a word that we throw around often within circles of Jesus followers. I think every person probably has a different idea or understanding of what this word means, both on a broad scale as well as what it means in their own, personal life….

What Bugs Can Teach You About Fulfilling Vision

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! This past week, I had to get rid of all of our plants. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. These are plants that we bought right after moving into our first home together. I had dreams that I would be able to love these plants…

Why Being Behind the Scenes Truly Matters

| Leanne | 3 Comments

Read more by Leanne! We often get the question, “where are you off to next?” It’s a good question, considering that the word “missions” usually implies going out into the nations. I love the times we get to go to new places and encourage people in their relationships with God….

What Does it Look Like to be Married in YWAM Perth?

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! Chris and I have been married for just over four months. Together, we went to five different nations within the first two months of being married. From the States for our wedding to New Zealand for our honeymoon, then home to Perth and to the Philippines…

How Open Homes Cultivate Open Hearts

| Leanne | 2 Comments

Read more by Leanne! One of my favourite ways to enter into someone else’s world is to enter into their home. I love looking around a house and seeing all of the little details that make up a bigger picture of who an individual is. When I’m invited in, I…

Going to Teach, but Learning Instead

| Chris | One Comment

Read more by Chris! It’s really important as a missionary to be willing to learn, to remember as we approach things that we don’t have all the answers. This June, Leanne and I went on a short-term outreach to Manila in the Philippines with a small team of four people….

Practical Worship: God’s Hand in the Hands-On

| Leanne | 4 Comments

Read more by Leanne! The day before we left for the Philippines, I was walking back to the office after taking some photographs outside. I noticed a few students taking their afternoon break in the park. They had a guitar with them and were singing worship songs in the sunshine….

6 Real-Life Moments from Our Wedding & Honeymoon

| Leanne | 2 Comments

Read more by Leanne! Everything that you see on social media is hand-selected to make life look perfect. I know that you already know that, but I think it’s important to have a little reminder of that every once in a while. My life for the past year or so…

At Many Times and in Many Ways

| Leanne | One Comment

Read more by Leanne! “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets.” I feel a little bit like this blog is just a long, continuing list of my favourite things about God. One thing I’ve been treasuring about God lately is…

Jumping In

| Leanne | 6 Comments

Read more by Leanne! Listen while you look: A few weekends ago, some of my closest girl friends took me on a weekend trip to celebrate my upcoming marriage. We explored the Pinnacle Rocks up in Northern Western Australia, watched the sun set over City Beach, and spent a rainy…

Constructing Community Around Water Filters

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! In Serem, Indonesia in November 2016, I witnessed a community coming together to build a water filter. My outreach team taught the people of Serem the building process, but the best part was seeing them take it on as their own project. I asked the people…

6 Ways to Invite God into Your Work Day

| Leanne | 5 Comments

Read more by Leanne! One of my favourite things about God is that He wants to do life with us. I am learning this idea in a brand new way this year! Since the beginning of 2017, I have been working with the Media team at Youth With a Mission…

Can We Build It?

| Chris | One Comment

Read more by Chris! While leading an outreach team to the Kimberley region of Western Australia on the 4WD Discipleship Training School (DTS), we had the opportunity to build a Sunday school building for the church run by our contacts. We were able to transform a shipping container into a…

Showers of Blessing

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! “I will cause the showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing.” In November, Maun, Botswana experienced its first rain in seven months. I happened to feel those very first raindrops fall on my face as I prayed with my outreach…

Three Things I Learnt by Treating (and Getting) Lice

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! During our final week in Vijayawada, India, my team of 14 decided to take on the overwhelming task of treating a government school of over 300 children for lice. We had been to this particular school a few weeks earlier when we were still a mega…

Highlights from India

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! I can’t believe that our time in India is almost up. I’ve grown to love it here so much, mostly because I’ve grown in relationship with God and with the lovely people of this nation. Over the last five weeks I’ve personally seen more people healed…

The Story Behind One Image

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! I have literally hundreds of thousands of images stored on my many hard drives, between random iPhone snaps and multitudes of weddings and portraits photographed. It’s easy for me to forget the importance of photographs. I’m so thankful that God encouraged me to buy a Polaroid…

Never Going Back

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! Listen while you look: On the 10th of September, as the sun cast warm hues through the diffusion of the clouds, I sat on a gorgeous beach in Australia with four other young women from all over the world. We sang along with Ashley from Canada…

We’re All in This Together

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! If I’m ever feeling particularly passionate about how great the Kingdom of God is, I’m not surprised when “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical starts playing in my head. It is a truly amazing blessing to be part of a family that loves…

God is Family

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! Revelation: when you’ve finally heard something enough times that you start to FEEL it. For me, this happened in a big way this week. I know that God is my Father. I know that I am co-heirs with Jesus in the Kingdom. I know that God…

Love Makes Suns

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! The title of this blog post comes from my favourite excerpt of MacLaren’s Expositions of Holy Scripture. Click here to read it and stand in awe of our wonderful God. Listen while you look: Why are sunrises so beautiful? It doesn’t make much logical sense. It…

Outreach Announced

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! Outreach locations have finally been announced and teams made! I’m excited to say that I will be heading back to the Kimberly region of Australia for the third time, and for the fist time I will be going to Indonesia. In the Kimberly I will be…

63 Things I Love About School (So Far)

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to write this blog post and been totally creatively stuck. How do I sum up the first two weeks of my Discipleship Training School? Which incredible, miraculous story do I share? Which realisation out of the…


| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! As I begin to staff the 4WD Adventure DTS for the second time I find myself thinking again, “what is adventure?” You look on Instagram and Facebook and people exploring these amazing places and taking beautiful pictures. Is that all there is to adventure though? I…

How Did I Get Here?

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! Listen while you look: It’s easy to look around at my life here in Australia and think it’s like some sort of dream. Studying abroad with the love of my life by my side, drinking coffee and doing homework at the cutest little cafes – meeting…

Let’s Be Kids Again

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! Listen while you look: What is it we love so much about being kids? Legs dangling off the edge of a dock, long explorative walks in nature, crafting pine needle bracelets… there’s something so comforting and carefree about nostalgia. I think we like the feeling that…


| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! May, as I look back over the past month, which feels like it was just a week, I notice a common theme. Perseverance. The past two months or so we have been working on sealing one part of our biogas tank. Really in the time I’ve…

Creating With the Creator

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! I think I finally realised what it is I love so much about Australian architecture. I came to this realisation while on a golden hour stroll just a few days ago. The thing was, I’m still not entirely familiar with the layout of Perth, and as…

April Flyby

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! What a month April was. I don’t know about you but I have found that April is the busiest and most hectic month out of the whole year. This year even though I was not in university or in the job sector I still have found…

One Month in Perth

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! Exactly one month ago today, I landed in Perth. I remember it vividly, like it was just a few days ago, and yet at the same time it feels like I’ve been here for ages. I remember seeing rows of red rooftops from above as the…

You Are Here

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! I am here. Here, nestled inside the comfy curve of the Willamette river. Here, surrounded by green and clouds and everything you’d expect to see in American Suburbia. Here, the place that’s been “home” for the huge majority of my life but where I know I’m…

Time to Go

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! At the time of writing this, it is the night before I fly out to Kolkata India for the third time. Unlike the past two times I will not be there for five weeks, but rather only one week. I’m so excited for the busy week…

Same Places, Different Seasons

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! I never expected to be living in Tualatin, Oregon again. I’ve visited many times over the past two years of living in Boise, but it’s so different to know that I’m here to stay, at least for the short time being. It’s going to be quite…

Meet Hannah: World Traveller and Ray of Sunshine

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! You know when people come into your life at exactly the right time? This might be a funny thing to say a month before I’ll be leaving Boise. Yes, I did have the thought of “why couldn’t we have met two years ago?!” run through my…

Back to the Heat

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! I have been back from my trip to the states now for about a week and a half / two weeks. I had a great time back home relaxing and going on new adventures. I was able to hang out with Leanne for the first time…

Get Out of Here, Take a Hike, and Get Lost

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! When I moved to Boise, I created a challenge for myself. I attempted to use GPS as little as possible. I knew that I would learn my way around town much more quickly without the helpful yet monotone voice of Siri guiding my every step. So,…

How a Cabin Made Me Embrace Being Human

| Leanne | No Comments

Read more by Leanne! No electricity. No running water. No reception. I could have reacted two different ways when our friend Matt presented the idea of a weekend getaway to his family’s cabin in the Boise National Forest. Good: a nice break from reality, a chance to connect with a…

What’s Going On: January Update Part Two

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! In the last post I talked about what I have been doing in the ministry that I am a part of. This time around I want to share about the other half of the year, DTS. For those that who are unfamiliar with YWAM (Youth With…

What’s Going On: January Update

| Chris | No Comments

Read more by Chris! Currently I am visiting my girlfriend back home in the states and working on some fundraising to continue the ministry that I’m apart of in YWAM Perth Australia. Which is what I wanted to talk about for a little bit. I want to let you guys…

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