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Revelation: when you’ve finally heard something enough times that you start to FEEL it.

For me, this happened in a big way this week. I know that God is my Father. I know that I am co-heirs with Jesus in the Kingdom. I know that God & Jesus make their home with me through the Holy Spirit, and we do life together. So this revelation should have been quite obvious, but this week these facts came together in a brand new way.

God is family.

God is family within Himself, and we’ve been invited into that. And it’s not just “Christmas card once a year” family or “pass the phone around like it’s a hot potato” family. God is the type of family we live with and eat meals with. We clean house together, collaborate on projects and plans, watch movies, talk for hours, get to know each other better than anyone else. We all have different ideas about and experiences with family, but the most beautiful thing is that God is perfect family.

In my six years as a photographer, I’ve often been asked what my favourite thing to photograph is. It took me about six years to perfect the answer.

I love photographing relationship.

People are stunning, inspiring, and made in God’s image – and the image of God is made even more complete in relationship. When I look at people looking lovingly at each other it just gets me. I think I was wired to feel that way. I was wired to love love. Relationship: those are the memories I want to hold onto. When I think of the things I truly miss back home, I think of people. People that I consider family, whether by blood or by heart connection.

I don’t know who you consider family – you and your significant other, your babies, or maybe just your dog – but I want to capture the love you share! As many of you know, I’m raising funds to go to India and Botswana in just over a month. Currently, I have about one-tenth of the total $5000 USD I need to be able to go. If you’re interested in coming alongside me, please consider doing a photoshoot with me! I have no set rate in mind – just give whatever feels right. There are only six weekend dates left before finances are due, so don’t hesitate to email me and set a date!

My passion for photography seems to grow and grow as I discover more about God. When I can capture a moment of true love, I feel like I’m helping to communicate God’s love. Seeing families that intentionally care for each other and support each other gives me insight into God’s desire for us to be His family.

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