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I can’t believe that our time in India is almost up. I’ve grown to love it here so much, mostly because I’ve grown in relationship with God and with the lovely people of this nation. Over the last five weeks I’ve personally seen more people healed than I can count on my fingers. I’ve had beautiful conversations about the God that is showing up to these people in visions and dreams. I’ve touched dozens of little heads full of lice, carefully combing out the bugs to show them that Jesus knows & cares for each hair on our head. It’s been a privilege to witness these beautiful, everyday miracles, and I’m so thankful that God has invited me to work alongside Him. I’m leaving India with so many treasured memories in my heart, and can’t wait to see what God has in store in Africa.

I don’t have many more words to express my feelings about leaving India, so here are some favourite images from my time here. Featuring medical clinics, lice and fluoride treatments in a government school, incredible food, prayer walks through the city, and the extravagant beauty that is India.

I am about to head out from Vijayawada, India to Botswana, Africa through a medical-focused discipleship course with Youth With a Mission! I couldn’t be more thankful that God has led me into a life of missions. Please feel free to email me to talk more about the work I’m doing, or click here to sign up to receive updates via email.

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We are a newlywed couple serving in Christian missions.

God has called us to Youth With a Mission in Perth, Australia. We have a heart for the city of Perth and for reaching Aboriginal people here in Western Australia. We would also love to see transformation and mobilisation through partnering with local initiatives in other nations in short-term outreach trips. Together, we have a passion for mentorship and discipleship of young people. Chris is gifted in meeting practical needs, and Leanne has a big desire for the sphere of Media & Communications.

This is our blog, a place to share what God is doing as well as things we learn as we journey through the adventure of following Jesus!