How Experiencing God on DTS Makes an Impact

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In our most recent blog post, we talked about some ways we experienced God on the 4WD Discipleship Training School (DTS) that we were part of earlier this year. From singing worship songs in the rain together to watching God provide for our outreach fees, we got to taste and see FIRSTHAND that our God is good! We didn’t only experience Him as a group, though. Through times of application through personal prayer, one-on-one conversation, and homework assignments, each student on the school also experienced God move in their own hearts. The impact of these small moments of revelation and realisation about God is huge. Here are just four stories that share the effect of six months dedicated to getting to know God.

Jessie // Sweden

“When I came to DTS I was indifferent about a lot of things. I didn’t care about my parents going through a divorce as I left my home country, I didn’t care about my friends getting married and I was still single, and I didn’t care about past hurts in previous relationships and how they still affected me as I got to know new people. Through DTS I’ve gotten knowledge about the character of God and tools to get closer to Him and to process my emotions and things that hurt me. I’ve gotten revelation about how God is my family and where people hurt me, He can heal. I’m leaving DTS as a more softhearted person, more aware of God’s love for me and how I’m called to share it with others.”

Caleb // Canada

“Before DTS, I was living a completely independent life. I was only concerned with my own interests and having fun. I was raised in a Christian home but had become completely disinterested and resentful of the church. When I came to DTS, I saw it as a chance to see the world. Then Jesus completely changed my life. I had the revelation of realising His sacrifice for me despite how I had been so careless and apathetic towards Him. This broke my heart realising how much He loves me and how careless and reckless I had been. Jesus showed me His forgiveness and now I am walking through life with Him, and it is so much better!”

Graydon // United States

“I was caught up in the running world and I put running before God. I knew who God was, but never really took my faith too seriously and never had the experience of hearing God’s voice. God worked in my heart and showed me that I can hear Him and talk to Him. That I can take what he has shown me and teach it to people all around the world and that my story makes a difference. Now I have committed to God fully and am using my gifts, life, and talents for His glory by serving Him and His kingdom. God is good and never fails. He is so so faithful.”

Zippora // Switzerland

“Wow, God has done so much during the time in my DTS! He taught me to love every process I am going through. In the beginning, I hated processes and I had no patience for them. Now I love to step through processes with God because He is alongside me! With this, I also learned that instead of seeing how imperfect I am, God has shown me how He loves me in every step of my process. I don’t have to be discouraged in my challenges but I can open up my weaknesses to God! I thank God that I am fully loved and that He will go through every challenge with me. I learned that in Him I have victory and my faith has become so firm through beautiful intimacy with God! My hope is always in Him and has increased through all that He has done for me!”

It has been an incredible experience for Chris and myself to watch God move in the lives of all of the students. We have seen up close and personal that God is real and loves His kids! We are so excited for each of these students to keep walking forward in the journey God has been taking them on over these six months. Some are about to begin their studies, some are pursuing a life in missions, and some going back to serve the church that sent them out. But all of them are following where God is taking them next and experiencing Him every step of the way, and that’s what matters most!

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