Jumping In

By March 22 2017 Leanne 6 Comments

Leanne grew up in Oregon, but also considers Idaho home. She is known for asking deep questions, taking lots of photographs, and a really distinct laugh. She feels called to sharing stories through many different forms and advocating for those without voices. Read more by Leanne!

Listen while you look:

A few weekends ago, some of my closest girl friends took me on a weekend trip to celebrate my upcoming marriage. We explored the Pinnacle Rocks up in Northern Western Australia, watched the sun set over City Beach, and spent a rainy Sunday watching cheesy wedding day movies and drinking tea. It was a lovely but slightly surreal beginning to my “last few weeks as a single woman.”

In this time leading up to our wedding, I’m realising that I have no idea how to prepare for this next season of life. As many serious conversations we can have and plans we can make, I’ll never be able to figure everything out ahead of time.

But that’s okay.

One of the many things I love about God is that He walks alongside us in every season of life. Perfection is not expected, just progress. When rules aren’t explicitly laid out, there’s more room to hear God and follow in faith. I remember some of the things I struggled with before Chris and I started dating, and some of the many conversations we had as we navigated the dating and engaged seasons. I’m so thankful for the growth I’ve experienced. And, although there is always more room to grow, I’m thankful that I can look back and just smile at some of the obstacles God has brought me through.

The best thing is that God was so present in those struggles. He never shies away from us simply because we are having a hard time or haven’t yet reached a certain level of understanding. He invites us in and shows us the way.

So, here’s to figuring things out as I go. Here’s to jumping straight in to new seasons. Here’s to the bumps in the road on the way. Here’s to marriage!

I may not know exactly what I’m getting myself into. But I know that God is taking me there.


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