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What is it we love so much about being kids?

Legs dangling off the edge of a dock, long explorative walks in nature, crafting pine needle bracelets… there’s something so comforting and carefree about nostalgia. I think we like the feeling that there’s nothing more to life than playtime, that worries and anxieties are nonexistent. I think we love childhood because we were created intentionally to love it. Life IS a big, fun adventure, and we SHOULD be free of worry.

But accepting that we are wired for childhood means accepting another very childlike quality: humility.

I’ve felt childish in ways since coming to Perth. I’m constantly asking people what certain words mean, even though I’ve spoken (American) English for as long as I can remember. I’m interacting with amazing and admirable people who have had life experiences I can only hope to have someday. I miss my family deeply, with a time difference and schedules that mean I can only chat with them about once a week.

Most of all, I realise that I have a lot to learn – and that requires a LOT of humility.

I admit that I was quite resistant to humility at first. But the more I give up the desire to “have it all together,” the more I can see hope in humility. With God, there is always room to grow, always new places to be explored. And He cares for us to be humbled before jumping into those new experiences, making sure we’re willing to call Him Dad and follow His footsteps.

Those who are childlike will be greatest in the Kingdom. From their lips comes the praise that builds a stronghold against enemies.

I’m a bit more open now to humbling experiences. I don’t know if I’ll continue to say that once those experiences arise, but, in theory, I’m excited to be brought back to places of humility, again and again. The faith of a child is powerful because it admits that it is dependent. It welcomes loving discipline and direction. It watches in awe, it believes in the impossible, it asks questions, it desires to learn.

It’s easy to let yourself be a kid when you have such a good, good Father.

Photos featuring my lovely friend Bek, from right here in Perth.

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