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The title of this blog post comes from my favourite excerpt of MacLaren’s Expositions of Holy Scripture. Click here to read it and stand in awe of our wonderful God.

Listen while you look:

Why are sunrises so beautiful? It doesn’t make much logical sense. It also doesn’t seem like much of an accident. For five straight weeks I have walked out my front door by 6:30 in the morning, walking directly towards the morning light as the sun creeps up above the horizon and illuminates my face. The colours are different every day, the light reflecting off of the variety of cloud formations. A new masterpiece is created every single day, without fail. As I look at the sun, I look to God. I am amazed by His creativity and consistency. But when I point to Him, He points it back to me:

“I created this for you.”

I have absorbed a lot of information over the past five weeks. We’ve covered a multitude of topics. There’s no way I could relay it all to you here, no way I could communicate these lovely little revelations along with the emotional impact they’ve had on me. But as I continue to process everything I’m taking in, there’s one common thread:


Just over two years ago, my life changed entirely. I entered into relationship with God. He talked to me, and I responded. Since then, we’ve been through so many things together. Ups, downs, questions, confusion, revelation, sorrow, joy, growing, learning, brokenness, pruning, changes, transitions, mountains, valleys, forests. Through it all, He loves me, and He never leaves me.

He created this beautiful world… for us to enjoy.
He listens to our desires and responds… because He longs to collaborate with us.
He gives us free will… because He cares for our response to Him to be genuine.
He is unimaginably holy… and in His holiness we can trust Him.
He asks us to repent of our sins and forgive others… because it is the best thing for us.
He loves when we worship Him… because He loves hearing our heart towards Him.
He gives us guidelines… because He cares about our safety and wellbeing.
He wants us to surround ourselves with community… because He Himself is community, three-in-one.

What does this mean? How do I respond to this? As I walk towards the morning light, I wonder if those around me see what I see. Years ago, I was too busy going where I needed to go to stop and take in the sunrise, and much too busy to talk to the One who had created it. There are so many people around me and all over the world that are missing out on this beautiful relationship. I want to be one to “bear witness to the light,” just as Jesus’ friend John did. I want to point to the sunrise and point to its Artist. I want to represent relationship through relationship. How does this look, exactly? I don’t always know. But I’ll keep following the light and watch the path be lit up before me.

“May all who love you be like the sun as he rises in his might.”

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