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You know when people come into your life at exactly the right time?

This might be a funny thing to say a month before I’ll be leaving Boise. Yes, I did have the thought of “why couldn’t we have met two years ago?!” run through my head when I met Hannah. But selfishness aside, I’m so thankful that Hannah and I crossed paths exactly when we did…

You’ve only seen eight images of Hannah so far, but if you had to sum her up in one word, I bet this one would come to mind:


One of my favourite feelings is the feeling I get when I see all the details of a photoshoot come together. For my very first shot, I instructed Hannah to stand among a forest of icy branches. All neutrals and greys and whites around her, and with her yellow sweater she was this little pop of happiness in my frame. I watched her laugh – maybe more out of nerves – but all I could think as I held my camera to my eye was, “This is YOU!”

I think I had only had a handful of conversations with Hannah up to that point. But somehow I knew that she belonged beautifully into the role of “ray of sunshine.” The handful of conversations were based around the serendipity of the relatability of where we were both at in life. She smiled reassuringly as I shared my current fears, then reminded me of God’s love for me and shared her excitement for where life was taking me.

Sometimes all you need is a bright spot to give you hope in a forest of grey tones.

You see, the way this photoshoot worked out was sort of magic. Hannah got in touch with me to ask if I could take some portraits to use in support letters as she raises money for two mission trips she’s going on. She didn’t know that I had just started doing donation shoots as a way to raise money for my own step into missions. The mutual support God worked out is such a beautiful thing. Something that makes me excited to see who else He brings into my life during this journey, and something that gives me a tiny picture of the loveliness of the Kingdom.

I’m so excited for Hannah and her experience, and I’m so thankful that providing these images for her is a step forward on her path! From what I know about her story, these trips have been a long time coming, and I can imagine her joy as she gets to see a dream fulfilled in God’s perfect timing.

Hannah, I can’t wait to see what God does through you and what He teaches you on this adventure, and thank you for being a ray of sunshine in my life!!

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