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At the time of writing this, it is the night before I fly out to Kolkata India for the third time. Unlike the past two times I will not be there for five weeks, but rather only one week. I’m so excited for the busy week ahead. To help you understand why, though, I want to share a little about last week.

The past week here at YWAM Perth we have been celebrating 30 years as a base. It was a week of reflection, history, wisdom, joy, tears, family, challenge, growth. Each morning we had four hours of a combination of worship and imparting. I use the word imparting because the people who spoke were those who had been a part of the base for the 30 years. They were sharing the lessons they learned over those years and challenging us as the next generation to remember the foundations. Simply put, these foundations are: get the word of the Lord and obey immediately. And showing through story after story how vital it is to know what God’s heart is for His people and to obey in the big and small details. For me it was a week of deepening desire for relationship with Him. A call to be more committed to make time for Him, to commit to the work He is doing. A time to remember what He has spoken to me. So I am going to Kolkata with a renewed perspective. That He is sending me for a specific reason. Yes, we are going to be a part of some amazing things but if we are not seeking what God wants to do we are not being effective in the ways He wants.

So for this trip the “plan” is to be at a climate change conference for the first two days, then go north of the city and do some testing on filters that my team built four months ago, then travel about a day southwest of the city to see about a large biogas tank project. I say plan in quotes because with God things can change instantly. Which is the most exciting thing. It’s the adventure. I’m excited to see what it is God wants to to every single day and to be a part of it. For those that have partnered with me to go, thank you. Thank you for being a part of seeing change in Kolkata being a part of a village not dying out because of the lack of clean water. Thank you for supporting so we can share biblical values and world view at a national conference. I can’t wait to share with you all what happens over the next week. I’ll try and take some good photos for you.

Side note, I was thinking about the name of the site “Riley without borders” and this week I think I know why God lead me to that name. During the week He was showing me that to learn more about Him, you have to go where the map ends. See in the borders, you know where things are and you know the terrain. God is so cool though that He desires to show more of Himself to us. So He leads us where we have no idea where we are no idea what’s around us but He knows the destination He knows what He wants to show us. My desire is to never get comfortable within the map and say “I know enough, I’ve explored it all.”

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