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If I’m ever feeling particularly passionate about how great the Kingdom of God is, I’m not surprised when “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical starts playing in my head. It is a truly amazing blessing to be part of a family that loves each other, supports each other, and builds one another up.

For most of my life, I was used to being independent. I was good at getting things done, and I knew I could get them done on my own. At eighteen years old, I started my photography business. I put my career way ahead of anything else. I sacrificed relationship for success. I slowly began to isolate myself from other people.

I worked for myself, with myself, all by myself.

But God was working in my life for all those years. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I look back I see how He wanted to rescue me from that independence. When I moved to Idaho, I got a job working alongside other photographers. We learned from each other and met up just to talk about our love for creating images. God continued to soften my heart and I began opening up outside of the workplace as well. I started admitting my shortcomings, seeking help when I needed it, putting relationship with God and people above all else.

When God called me here to Youth With a Mission, I knew this would be a huge hurdle in the area of independence. YWAM is a faith-based organisation, including the area of finances. Nobody here is paid through YWAM – not even our founders or the people who have served here for many years. As a mission, we rely entirely on God and God’s direction of individuals to fund what happens here. Coming from a worldly perspective of self-sufficiency, this was quite scary to me. What is my worth if I’m not able to feed myself, clothe myself, and pay for my own place to live? Matthew 6:25-34 takes on a whole new meaning when you’re no longer working to support yourself.

God was so faithful to provide everything I needed to come here, and far beyond. Since being here in Perth, my trust in God to take care of me has grown exponentially. Most of it has been seeing first hand how much He truly uses others! I am daily surrounded by people who are willing to pray for me, who don’t hesitate to buy me a coffee now and then, who want to see me reach my fundraising goal even though their fees are paid in full. And not only the people around me, but the ones back home and around the world who are so excited about what I’m doing! Those who comment on my blog posts, who check in now and again, who come alongside me and contribute even though they are far away.

When I left the United States, I knew it would be for an indefinite amount of time. Unlike most of my fellow students, I don’t have a return ticket home and plans to spend Christmas with my family. As I’ve been here, God has spoken more and more into this. He showed me that He wants me to stay here for a long time…

because He doesn’t want me to be alone.

This absolutely breaks my heart with love for my God. He looked at me during a time when I felt perfectly self-sustaining, and He didn’t want that for me. Because He didn’t want me to rely on myself. Because He has infinite amounts of love to give, and an infinite amount of creativity, and infinite satisfaction in relationship.

He wants me to work for Him, with Him, surrounded by others.

I love learning this lesson of interdependence, as difficult as it can be at times. I have realised the beauty of working together as one body. I still have so much room to grow, but I’ve begun to see how much FUN it can be to invite others along on my journey! So, I’d like to humble myself and my independence in this moment and invite you into my missions work. I am currently preparing for an outreach trip to India and Botswana, and I need about $3000 USD, due in just over a week! I am also looking for people to partner with me long-term in different areas. It’s not easy for me to admit how much I need your help. Here are a few ways that you can do your part and join me in this awesome adventure!


The most important way to come alongside me is to pray! If you’d like to join me as a prayer partner, please email me. I’d love to add you to my list to update with specific prayer requests, and I would love to know how to pray for you, too!


My prayer is that God will provide opportunities for people that I don’t even know to come alongside me and be encouraged by what He is doing in my life! Please consider sharing this blog post on your social networks. If you can think of anyone that may be interested in what I’m doing, feel free to connect us through email.


If you feel led to give financially, please fill out the donation form below. You will be redirected to the PayPal website to input more details. You can choose to either give monthly and continue supporting the work I’m doing here in Perth, or you can give a one-time gift to contribute directly to my upcoming trip to India & Botswana. Thank you so much for coming along to Perth and to the world with me. After all, we’re all in this together!

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Not quite sure how to get involved yet, but want to stay in the loop? Click here to subscribe for future updates by email! Please email me if you have any questions or would like to chat. I would love to know how I can support you in what God is calling you to as well!

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