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In the last post I talked about what I have been doing in the ministry that I am a part of. This time around I want to share about the other half of the year, DTS. For those that who are unfamiliar with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) a Discipleship Training Course (DTS) is the entry school. I did my DTS July of 2014 and through it God changed my life. I began to discover who God really is. Not who people say He is, or what I think He would be like. Through the DTS He broke through walls that I had built up, showed me lies that I had been believing about Him, and who I am in His eyes. I’ll probably do another post on my DTS later on but for now I want to let you know that it is something I’m passionate about.

I know what God has done in my life, and what He can do in the six months that a DTS covers and that knowledge is why I love discipleship. I was a staff member on the July 4WD DTS this past July and it was one of the greatest opportunities that I’ve had. It challenged me in leadership, insecurities, and my personal relationship with Jesus. It was great to watch individuals grow in their relationship with God, to see the transformation take place in their lives. See the odd thing about doing any dedicated time like a DTS is when you’re doing it, growth can be hard to see. It’s usually not until the end of that time that growth and change is personally observable. As a leader though, I get to see that transformation weekly sometimes daily. This past school I had the privilege of six one on ones during the lecture portion of the school. Theses were six students that I got to seriously invest in. I would set aside time each week to catch up with them outside of general conversation and interaction, to see how they were really doing. It was time to be open, honest, vulnerable, and really process real things going on in life. These were great times as I got to see students get the “light bulb” moment on different things and situations. It was also a time where I saw I don’t have the answers to everything. What I can do though is ask Jesus what he wants to share with them, how he wants to encourage them. It was a great time of hearing Him speak though me.

I plan on staffing the July 4WD DTS in 2016 as well. I’m looking forward to investing in a new group of people. To applying what I learned over the course of this past DTS. Most of all though I’m excited to see more people fall in love with Jesus and the passion they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

I love discipleship because it’s real, it’s raw, and it’s relational.

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